The workshop will introduce how accessible and "easy-to-use" today are the tools for creating immersive environments, virtual realities and panoramic videos. Virtual environments open up new possibilities for new experiences and artistic aesthetics, yet also makes us to re-consider the larger implications of these ubiquitous technologies of immersion.
The workshop will consist of two parts: During the part 1, the students will be experimenting with shooting 360-video, stitching and editing, while during the part 2, they will be learning how to prepare the video files for publishing (on YouTube), making them available for view on smartphones (with VR glasses), and importing into the Unity for further work with VR environments.
The workshop is related to the Virtualities and Realities Seminar, but is not limited to its students, and is open to everyone.
Participants: spaces are limited to 12.
Equipment: 360-video camera's will be provided.
Other requirements: preferably, participants should bring their own computers, and to have some knowledge in video editing (although not mandatory).