The colloquium is related to “Virtualities and Realities” Seminar, but is not limited to it. The colloquium is open to everyone interested in discussions on new media / post media developments, techno-ecological art practices, AI and post-human discourses, present and future strategies of immersive technologies, its impact on artistic aesthetics, and broader implications on society.
As for theoretical background, you may refer to this publication: "Virtualities and Realities" (2019), edited by Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits) (, as well as books by Oliver Grau, Lev Manovich, Bruno Latour, and other “Virtualities and Realities” Seminar bibliographic material.
However, the colloquiums will be primarily focusing on discussing contemporary practices and creative work by the students, as well as their artistic ideas and experiences. The open programs of the V&R colloquiums will feature “show and tell” sessions, screenings, discussions (moderated by students), invited guests and artist talks, thus facilitating exchanges and generating new ideas.