This excursion to Riga and Liepaja in Latvia will offer the students several opportunities: 1) to visit RIXC – pioneering new media art center, gallery and residency; 2) to see the exhibitions of RIBOCA, Riga Contemporary Art Biennale, the topic of which this year is related to ecology, and which features more than 100 artworks by internationally renowned artists, and 3) to join the Sound Days festival in Art Research Labo of Liepaja University, and to participate in the workshop on “ambix sound for immersive art”. The Sound Days will take place in Liepaja (the city on the Baltic Sea cost), and students will have possibilities to present their work, as well as to create new works or performance projects.
The excursion is related to “Virtualities and Realities” Seminar, but is not limited to it, everyone can join.
To apply for the excursion please contact
Deadline for applications (short motivation letter): June 2, 2020.
Places are limited - from 5 (minimum) to 10 (maximum).