This is a new proposal to create a space of debate and sharing experiences. Graduate students from HfG will report about different stages of their professional life. The format will be reorganized collecting the feedback of the invited speakers and the participating HfG students to establish a more regular event – by the students, with the students and for the students. The invited Diplomed Alumni for the first edition of “The day(s) after” are Tatjana Stuermer, Christian Haardt and Lukas Rehm. The guests will share their experiences during their road in HfG until the time after the Diploma. They will reflect on decisions that were taken in the whole process until their graduation and talk about professional possibilities and challenges they came upon which also include the hard and maybe not successful realities outside the University. During the first three days, all guests will have individual talks, while on the fourth day they will talk together to present works, past projects and future/present plans. The talk is open to all HfG students, paying the utmost attention to the newest ones.