The workshop consists of underpinning and tapping into the geological layers of our time in combination with deep time. Through a series of physical exercises and by building devices (receivers) the world of electrical information is uncovered. Through accessing this sphere of data, insights into the security of economic trade, the drifting boundaries of emissions and the geo-materiality of information is brought to light. The ‘design objects’ become receivers/harvesters of contemporary space while also being vessels of material transmission. This active raw material becomes a daily tool for designing from. The encouragement of the workshop is on tool building and accessing different ‘modes’ of geo-spatial conditions. The workshop is directed in a hands-on approach consisting of building with metals (in the workshop at HfG), large scale constructions and geographic navigation (sound walking and listening to space exercises). The students will be given three brief input talks on the notion of radio geographies. And will have one joint excursion with the seminar members. The workshop is part of the seminar 'Trilogy Forest, Volcano/Clouds, Cryosphere'. We encourage the students to work in groups of two. Please do not apply if you are not available all four days.