The atmosphere that envelopes our earth, formed by gases and held by the force of gravity, is a space impalpable for humankind. Clouds are fleeting entities, clouds do not obey to borders of nation states. In fact, clouds redraw maps and create a cartography of their own. Our climate and clouds are affected by human-made pollution. Clouds can be partly simulated in laboratories, their study is complex, they can be engineered and deployed both in civil and war times.
1. Focus on one aspect related to clouds (scientific, anthropological, social, artistic, ecological).
2. Explore this aspect through the creation of a digital and a physical artefact that represents the concepts discovered and studied.
3. Create a form of exhibition in order to present the topic and the concept.
This seminar is based on the research by Füsun Türetken titled ‘On the Most Powerful Catalyst On The Planet’ and its chapter 'Weaponised Clouds'. We will visit two exhibitions, the work by Forensic Architecture titled 'Cloud Studies' at ZKM Karlsruhe and 'The Clouds and the Cloud' at MGK Siegen. We will all assist you with the studies and creation of clouds. Alessandro will join us for a week of digital supervision while Louis will support and document, film and guide the students with the creation of clouds in and outside of the HfG.

Guest Critique: Alessandro Squatrito; Workshop Assistance: Louis Braddock Clarke