Wet cardboard, stuffed foam, hanging rope: material objects are expressive and agent things, just as our body is expressive and responsive matter. Material things make us move and behave, and they are themselves performing and behaving. We will practice to attend to this performative nature of things in relation to our sensing bodies. To practice attending will mean to research through movement, to play with choreographic and spatial tools, to reflect with words and imaginations and to welcome sensorial and intuitive exploration: feeling, manipulating, waiting for, being with, acting through.
In three blocks the seminar addresses self awareness of the body in movement, voice and gesture and then uses this awareness to explore the relation of our bodies to things and material, as well as to investigate the intrinsic performative qualities of objects. We will work towards staging our explorations considering the theatrical effects of settings and presentations as artistic choreographies.
The seminar will draw on techniques coming from somatic movement, performance art and instant composition.