Objects speak. And everybody has its own language. How to translate one’s language to form? Form as a gesture in three dimensions, a distinct entity of communication, whole in itself and autonomous. This course circles around the notion of gesture within the world of design, architecture, sculpture, etc. We’ll constantly be making to feed and cherish the fragile but essential beginnings, to invite all senses to help to build. We train our sensitivity to intuition. Focus on an idea, not at the product. Everything will find its form.

'Return to me the substance I have lost, Mr Foe: that is my entreaty. For though my story gives the truth, it does not give the substance of the truth (I see that clearly, we need not pretend it is otherwise). To tell the truth in all its substance you must have quiet, and a comfortable chair away from all distraction, and a window to stare through; and then the knack of seeing waves when there are fields before your eyes, and of feeling the tropic sun when it is cold; and at your fingertips the words with which to capture the vision before it fades. I have none of these, while you have all.' (From: J.M. Coetzee, 'Foe') 

Topics to incorporate

  • Scale
  • Body
  • Whole
  • Positive/Negative space
  • Relation/Balance
  • Role of Material
  • Overformal
  • Oeuvre
  • Where does detailing start
  • The special conditions to create
  • Rhythm/Tempo
  • Movement/Choreography
  • Attitude